Concave Celtic Etched Dragon Ring Made of Tungsten Carbide for Men


This ring has beveled edges and a concave surface with a pattern of continuous dragons etched on it. It’s made of Tungsten 900 tm which makes it scratch resistance.

  • Brand: Sabrina Silver
  • Metal: Tungsten
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Ring size: 7 – 10.5
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The manufacturer of this ring claims to be the best in the industry when it comes to the formulation of tungsten along with quality, service, price, and delivery. If you are tired of having your ring bend out of shape, I’ll suggest trying this ring. Being made of tungsten carbide makes this ring unscratchable and hard. While you pay the least money for it, you can wear it for years while it still looks brand new!

Although these days cobalt is being used in the jewelry industry as a replacement for white gold and platinum, especially for men’s wedding bands, this metal can cause allergic reactions to some people, including allergic contact dermatitis. That’s why the manufacturer chose not to use cobalt in the ring’s allay, so if you have sensitive skin, be rest assured as the ring is 100% cobalt-free.

Are you a fan of minimal designs? A minimal design ring can be perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding day or an ordinary working day at the office! It has a delicate pattern of dragons on it, so if you are a dragon lover, that would be an extra reason to consider buying it for the second time!

Apart from the design and durability, the most important thing is to feel comfortable when wearing a ring. The ring may feel slightly heavy at first, but after a little while, you would feel weird when taking it off. The curvature inside the ring is made carefully and polished to fit on the finger perfectly. Hopefully, the sizes are real, and if you choose the right size, the ring won’t feel tide, nor will it fall off your hand. Also, if you choose the wrong size, this company will exchange it free for the first time.


Although tungsten makes the ring hard, it also makes it brittle. So be careful not to fall it down a hard surface, or it may shatter even though the price is low enough to buy a new one instead of buying similar rings with lifetime warranties.


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